Stories Of Success

See What These FORMER Disc Bulge, Herniated Disc, Sciatica and Disc Degeneration Sufferers Have To Say About Spinal Decompression… and Their Results!

“I wanted to thank you for the change that you have introduced into my life. I have been suffering several years with my back and neck. I really didn’t know the extent of my injury because I didn’t hurt very much when I had done it. My injury happened when I inadvertently fell off of a dock approximately 4 to 5 feet backwards landing on concrete. I was more embarrassed than hurt and thought that I had gotten lucky not to have killed myself. After a few days I had virtually no pain left and I thought that I had gotten away with it. Over a fe w months time I started hurting again off and on until a slow dull ache was always there. I guess that I had gotten used to it so that when it would increase I just figured that it was acting up. I would take some advil or whatever was available and go about my business. Then one night I couldn’t sleep because I had pain in my hips all the way to my knees. The pain was very bad. I actually thought about calling an ambulance, but stuck it out. My wife told me it was time to do something about it. We have some close friends that had been suggesting that I see a chiropractor for a long time so we decided to find one and see what would happen. I am a very skeptical type of person and was reared to be so. We looked in the phone book and picked a name with me promising to call the number sometime during the day at work, but by the time I got around to calling I had forgotten who it was. I got on line to try and find out who it was and found your web sight and as “They” say the rest is history. My life or quality of life has changed completely from night to day in just over a month. My lower back has no pain anymore a nd my neck is getting better. All of your staff is professional and friendly. The equipment in your office that decompresses my spine, the drx9000 (I think) has got to be the best thing on the planet. There are several that do similar things and I am not sure of their names, but I would like to say with all sincerity, Thank You Very Much. I do feel like a brand new person.”

- Boon Willoughby

“I went to Doctor Viernow with excruciating pain and weakness in my arms, shoulders, and neck. After x-rays, Doctor V gave me the news; and we agreed to an aggressive action plan. After a short time, I was pain free and regaining my strength. The greatest thing about my experience, wasn’t the results though. It was the information the doctor gave me about my body and ways to improve my quality of life. I recommend this Chiropractic Health Centre to anyone who wants the facts and is willing to work to get better.”

- Joe Shocklee

“I was having significant lower back pain about 3 years ago after having had back surgery 20 years before. I was in constant pain and was unable to play golf or work in the yard. I heard about Dr. Joe Viernow of Pioneer Chiropractic and the success he was having with similar patients using new equipment known as the DRX9000, which carefully programmed corrects decompression of the discs. After about 6 treatments together with weekly adjustments, I began to feel relief. I continued 3 times a week for about 8 weeks and as a result was able to return to golf and a normal life. That was 3 years ago and my back is still pain free. It was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Viernow and his RX9000 equipment.”

- Ray Fodder

“I was in an auto accident (rear ended) and sought out relief for my back via the clinic I saw the doctor who met with me for the first time as I cried during the beginning of the consultation. He was and still is very concerned about my health. I was a unsure about Chiropractic treatment until I was actually hurt and needed help. All the staff at the clinic make me feel welcome and care about my recovery, they are open late and never make me feel rushed when I show up @ 6:00 pm and they close @ 7:00 pm. Their doctors are the best and I have a new respect for Chiropractic treatment. Thanks to the Doctors & Staff.”

- Stephanie

“Spinal decompression has helped me gain a normal range of motion in my neck. Before treatment I had a very limited range of motion in turning my head to the right. Now, after treatment, I have a full range of motion. I must emphasize that the improvement did not happen instantly. One needs to be patient and allow the body to adjust to the treatment. I am now having treatment on the lumbar region of my back. I know that with patience the treatment will be successful. Dr. Viernow and his staff make every effort to help their patients have successful treatment experiences.”

- Anonymous

“I was in terrible pain on a Saturday morning. I called Dr. Viernow’s office and was evaluated and given treatment to my neck with no prior appointment by noon! Since then, I’ve come to appreciate Dr. V’s knowledge and skill in the field of chiropractic adjustment as well as the many therapies offered at his facility. The staff is always caring. The office has a small-town, personal feel to it that complements his, and his staff’s, hands-on approach. I give both Dr. Skinner and Dr. Viernow top marks as doctors of chiropractic.”

- Anonymous

“Brigadier General Lawson, a Ft Worth Air Force fighter pilot for 33 years, flew high performance airplanes over 6,000 hours taking a toll on his back and neck. With Spinal Decompression disc decompression machine, manipulations and physical therapy his pain was eliminated. Flexiabilty and mobility has been greatly improved. After 2 years he is still pain free.”

“I’ve been to alot of Chiropractors,but you’re the best.”
Joe M (93 years old)

“I injured my back doing construction. Rather than collect disability, I was constantly taking pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs so I could continue working on the job. When I saw the ad for treating back pain with Spinal Decompression system, I was skeptical at first, but curious. I decided to give it a try and to my surprise, it worked like nothing I had ever tried before. After just one month of treatment, I felt stronger than I had in years and had the joy of throwing away all of those painkilling drugs. One of the happiest days in my life is when I discovered there was something that could cure my back pain. That something was your Spinal Decompression. I cannot thank you enough for helping me and my family.”

- John Volanakis

“When I first started treatment with Spinal Decompression, the only thing I was sure of, was that I could barely walk, sit, or stand. After going through 4 weeks of treatment the pain has slowly gone away. Today, I feel the I am 95% better thanks to Spinal Decompression.”

- Gregory Coolidge

“I have been in pain for 13 years, since I fell down a flight of stairs. After three surgeries and many types of treatments, I learned to live with my pain. Then I heard about this new machine that treats herniated discs without surgery. Skeptical at first, having nothing to lose, I started treatments on Spinal Decompression. On about the third treatment I began to feel some relief. After completing 15 treatments, I am able to get up in the morning and get dressed with no pain.”

- Mary Constantine

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